We can help you with:

Customs Consultancy

Transparency and proper coordination with customs are important when trading internationally. We guarantee you a correct customs declaration, take care of the necessary licenses and advise you in this area. We act as your guide when it comes to Dutch laws and regulations and ensure that you are compliant. Besides financial aspects, there is for example explicit legislation on weapons and ammunition, endangered animal and plant species, as well as medicines and product safety.

VAT Compliance

We take care of all VAT handling for internationally operating trading companies with or without an establishment in the Netherlands. Thanks to our specialist knowledge of Dutch legislation and regulations, we can take all tax matters off your hands and act as your official representative to the Dutch tax authorities. Not only will this save you time and frustration, you will also avoid a negative cash flow due to import VAT, for example.

About us

Fiscal Rep B.V. specializes in developing VAT, customs and administrative solutions for companies who trade or want to trade in the EU and require a proper and compliant setup of their logistical processes relating to EU customs and VAT. Fiscal Rep BV was founded in June 2010. The founders have a combined experience of more than 30 years in handling logistics, customs and VAT matters in the EU. Fiscal Rep B.V. therefore has a strong background in customs and VAT Compliance. Customer focus, expertise and involvement are words we use to describe how we view business and our relationship with our customers. Your interests are our priority. We value open communication, transparency about your expectations and clarity about the solutions we can deliver. For us these values are key to a successful, effective and long term business relationship.


“Great professional team, knowledgeable with the entire fiscal process, from setup to reporting and ongoing operations. Very responsive and cooperative, ready to assists at various situations which are all very important for a foreign company. If you are looking for somebody you can trust – you will find it here”.
David Hasenfeld
CFO EyeClick